With our partners we carry out various activities related to the different ProCultura Foundation projects.

These include:

- Visit of Partners to the Workshop of the renowned Chilean artist Mario Toral.

- Celebration of the 7th anniversary of Fundación ProCultura with our partners, in the Santa Rita Vineyard with guided tour of the Andean Museum, the Park and the Chapel.

- Exclusive entries to see The Contadora de Films of the Chilean company TeatroCinema.

- Exclusive places for the opening speech of OH Stgo, with Victoria Thornton OBE, Founder of Open House Worlwide.

- ProCultura Foundation Book Launches, such as Tierra del Fuego, Christian Kirk photographs, Francisco Coloane texts.

- Launching of Atacamágica Documentary, International Festival of Magic and Illusion realized in the Region of Atacama.

In addition, our partners receive all our monthly publications and bulletins with our activities and projects.

If you want more information write to and become a partner.